Plastic Tips - Available in Pink, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow and Green.

Price Can 20.00 plus Taxes.

Zandstra Neoprene Bootcover, Small - Boot sizes 36-39 ,Medium - Boot sizes 40-45.

Price Can $39.99/pair plus taxes.

"Black Knight Stiletto Glasses" - Small Colours - Black/Silver and Blue/Silver.

Price Can $40.00 plus taxes.

"Black Knight Turbo Glasses" - Small Colours - Silver/Red, Navy, White/Red/Maple Leaf and Red/Yellow.

Price Can $33.00 plus taxes.


"Training Cables" Use these to do your Imitations and Strength Work, used by all the top Canadian skaters.

Price Can $20.00 plus taxes.

Cado Motus Airflow Backpack. Colors - Fuchsia, Black, Cyan, Orange, Pink and Red.

Price $140.00 plus taxes.

3 piece Skate Guards - Cut to suit this popular skate guard, fits any size blade, available in a dozen different colors.

Price Can $22.00 plus taxes.

Skate Socks - One size fits all blade lengths, protect your blades while traveling. Various colors. Built in protection to stop the blades from breaking thru the ends.

Price Can $20.00 plus taxes.

EllisEdge Techni-Cords.gif (799 bytes)

Skate Guard Keyring. Various colors.

Price Can $3.00 plus taxes.

Waxed Yellow Laces. Keep your skates tight with these none slip laces, a must for every serious skater.

Price Can $5.00 plus taxes.

Replacement kit including 2 straps, 2 ratchets, 2 screws an t-nut and 2 plastic guide for strap.

Price Can $34.99 plus taxes.

All prices subject to change without notice.

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